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Welcome to the #SweetumsSquad!

We're so happy you're finally here! Make sure to read and understand everything below, and lets get this party started! 

Terms and Conditions:

1. We will ship out our adorable candy bags for you to enjoy, every first week of the month via our partner courier.

2. In turn, we ask you to create content or post about our treats 

  • at least once on Instagram newsfeed / Tiktok / YT and
  • at least three times on IG stories
  • Important: each content are to be published on separate days throughout the month
  • Make sure to tag us and use #SweetumsSquad
    3. Content suggestions:
    • you modeling our sweets -- wide shots are the best, or at least a half-body shot 
    • a cute/fun Tiktok video -- our absolute favorite kind 
    • no unboxing / "thank you" content please -- lets give your public more adorable and delicious content instead 😉 
    • you can also use our GIF stickers on IG Stories by searching 'Sweetumscandy'

    4. Not a requirement, but please try to interact with our account as much as you can: Reactions on IG stories, Like, Comment , Share or Save our posts (we heard this has more bearing now a days). As part of our pretty little squad, we will do the same for you of course, and as a woman-centric brand, we wholeheartedly aim to see our fellow ladies succeed by supporting each other.👑

    5.  PROMO CODES: You will be given your own public promo code that you may choose to share with your fans so they can get a discount on their first purchase

    In addition, we will also send you a personal discount code for a 20% OFF that you can use multiple times for the duration of our partnership. Keep it handy for when you want to personally buy from our store. But unlike the public promo code mentioned the above, your personal discount code is strictly confidential and is not to be used by anyone else. Any form of abuse will be dealt with further actions accordingly. *NOTE: Cannot be used on top of existing promos

    6. This partnership is to be evaluated, to continue or discontinue, every month to make sure both our brands are still compatible. Additionally, Sweetums reserves the right to terminate the partnership as it deems necessary at any given time.

    If everything sounds good to you, we are now ready to have fun and continue our social media growth together! Click ' I Accept' and type in your name below

    All of the information above are confidential. Under no circumstances are you to send, copy, or forward any part of this document to anyone else.

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